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Crime and Deviance essays will focus on both deviant and criminal behaviors, important aspects of human behavior and psychology that cause deviance, social implications, and possible causes. Themes include comparisons of criminal and deviant behaviors in different cultures, social response theory, and functions of deviance.


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Papers in Criminology will be concerned with the scientific study of criminal behavior. Topics of interest include the different schools of criminology, theories of criminal behavior in human psychology, causes and effects, control of criminal behavior, and juvenile delinquency.

Culture and Society essays will be interested in the relationship between culture and society, looking both at how the rise of civilization and changes in societal structure have influenced cultural aspects of people, and how the existence of varying cultures in a global society has affected societal structure.

Essays focusing on Current Issues of sociology will explore recent developments in sociology and uses of sociology in current events. This includes sociology of the Internet, military sociology (especially with recent terrorist events and issues of torture), and racial relations, including the sociology of immigration.

Papers on Drugs and Society deal with the impact of drug use and addiction on society, including influences on the individual, family, and society and economy at large. Papers will explore topics such as the spread of HIV/AIDS, relation between crimes and drug use, and drug addiction treatment.

Euthanasia essays take as their central theme the act of killing a hopelessly sick individual (ie. in a vegetative state) in a painless manner. Because of its ethical implications, voluntary euthanasia and physician-assisted suicides have been the focus of much recent controversy. Essays may look at specific cases and the ethics of different scenarios.

Family Unit essays will explore the family as a social unit. Important concepts include the functions of a family unit (economic, political, social, biological), different perspectives of adults and children, ideas of kinship, and different types of family units (biological, non-biological).

Gender Relations papers are interested in the social relations between genders due to a variety of factors. Themes include gender relations in the workplace, control of resources, division of labor, gender roles in the family and society, and different rights, responsibilities, and identities of genders as imposed by society.

Papers on Globalization will take as their central theme the global integration of nations, economies, societies, and cultures, including the spread of popular culture, technology, labor, resources, languages, ideas, and capital, its causes, and effects.

Papers on History and Culture look critically at cultural and historical artifacts and symbols to determine information about societies’ structures and cultural practices. Mass-produced cultural texts, historical materials, and religious artifacts may be of interest.

Media and Society papers deal with the influence that the media has on social decisions and behavior, as well as the impact that societal and cultural practices have on media output. Topics include the mass media, belief systems, advertising effects, media violence, and forming public opinion.

Essays concerned with Minority Groups deal with minority groups as sociological groups that constitute a minority in terms of quantity, social status, education, wealth, or political power. Themes of interest include civil rights, historically excluded groups, relations between racial minorities, and affirmative action.

Multiculturalism essays are interested in the existence, acceptance, or promotion of multiple ethnic cultures, usually to promote diversity at an organizational level. Essays may look at supporting and opposing views to multiculturalism, and adopted policies in the West.

Race and Ethnicity papers deal with a wide variety of issues related to race and ethnicity in society. Issues include immigration, minority groups, historical perspectives, civil rights, racial stereotypes, racism, categorization systems, ethnic conflicts, and cultural differences.

Papers on Social Change are concerned with general and specific changes in the social structure, including the nature of society, social institutions, or social relations. Topics include the analysis of various models and perspectives of social change, community development, and goals of social change.

Essays on Social Issues and Problems will analyze specific social issues such as poverty, gay rights, gun control, human rights, global warming, abortion, religion, censorship, and unemployment, assessing the social context of the issue, and explaining causes and effects.

Social Work papers involve the application of social theory and research methods to the study of social relations and groups. This usually means that social work is aimed at the improvement of the human condition and of human societies. This includes social planning, policy advocacy, human rights, and community development.

Essays on Women and Society look generally at women’s roles in society. This includes issues such as women in the workplace, female-male wage gap, cultural roles and norms, women’s rights, labor market, and general contributions to social structure.

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