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Papers on European (early and modern) history will research aspects of the history of Europe, beginning from prehistoric times. Topics include the Roman Empire, ancient Greece, the spread of Christianity, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and WWI.


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United States history papers will be more focused on American historical events since the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Papers may focus on topics like the colonial period of the United States, the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression, or the Civil Rights Movement.

African History essays will study the diverse and long history of Africa, including the first emergence of humans in Africa, the rise of Egyptian civilization, the spread of Islam, the slave trade and colonialism, and civil wars.

Asian History papers are interested in the collective and distinct histories of the parts of Asia. Papers will be interested in ancient civilizations, such as the Indus Valley and China, as well as more recent events, such as the Vietnam War and the Korean War.

Australian History essays are interested both in the histories of aboriginal populations and more recent European settlements. Topics include the importance for Aboriginal oral history, British colonization and settlement, and roles in WWI and WWII.

British History papers will be concerned with the often competing histories of the various parts of Great Britain, namely England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Themes include the complex formation of the United Kingdom, various British monarchies, the First British Empire, and participation in the two world wars.

Canadian History essays will look at the various historical periods since the settlement of aboriginal peoples in Canada. This includes the French and British colonies, and the historical events of the nation of Canada since. The Seven Years’ War and the formation of the Canadian Confederation are topics of interest.

Central American History essays are interested in the general history of Central America. They may study the pre-modern Native American societies of Mesoamerica, Spanish colonialism of the area, and the various independence movements (ie. El Salvador, Mexico).


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Papers on Global Relations are interested in various global issues as well as the interconnectedness of nations. Topics may cover areas such as the influence of domestic politics on global relations, effects of economic development and globalization, and global conflicts such as the War on Terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

Latin American History: Papers can focus on any one of many significant historical and cultural events in Latin America’s long history. Topics include Aztec, Inca, and Maya civilizations, Spanish colonialism, independence movements, and relations with the United States.

Political Leaders/Presidents: Papers will usually focus on a significant individual, and track the motives and intentions for their actions, assess their contributions or downfalls, and explore the general impact of their actions on a nation’s culture, economy, and society at large.

Essays on Religion and History are interested in the written records of world religions as well as the relationship between religious and historical conflict over time. General topics include analyses of ancient or indigenous religious practices, effects of Christianization of the Western world, the Crusades, and the spread of Islam.

Greek and Roman History essays will study significant aspects of Greek and Roman history, especially those that have helped to shape the course of the Western world. Topics include Greek art, government structure, religious controversy, and the Persian Wars.

Russian History papers are interested in those historical events that have come to shape the nation of Russia. This includes the first Slavic state and the adoption of Christianity, the Russian Revolution, the creation of the Soviet Union, and the Cold War.

World War I papers will explore various themes related to the events leading up to and the events surrounding the Great War. Papers may be interested in initial causes of the war, weapons and technology, genocides, and the formation of new national identities.

World War II papers are interested in the events and surrounding historical context of WWII. Topics include the events that led up to the war, significant military campaigns, concentration camps and the Holocaust, advances in warfare, and after-effects of war.

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