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Papers on Feminism primarily focus on the political discourse of equal rights and legal/institutional protections for women. Feminism at present encompasses more on a wide variety of issues and discourses which include: sociological investigations of sex/gender, political movements towards equality, as well as philosophy of sex/gender and difference.

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Homosexuality- within gender and sexuality studies homosexuality refers to the same-sex or same-gender sexual and/or emotional pairing of human persons. Topics of investigation concerning homosexuality include: the nature of sexual and/or gender identity, sexual identity as a social construct, sexual identity as an essentialized construct, as well as the pathologization of sexuality generally and homosexuality specifically.

Papers on Women and Society are generally concerned with a particular look at the ways in which female persons are shaped by and exist within particular social constructs. Questions that are generally investigated include: how women are socially conditioned to be “women,” questions concerning sexism and entrenched sexist attitudes in a particular society, as well as the development of and entrenching of roles such as “mother,” “daughter,” “wife,” and “other.”

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