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Air Pollution and Development papers will mainly be focused on the effects of air pollution globally, various topics such as the influence of global development on air pollution, air quality, global warming, specific geographic areas, and proposals for global standards and sustainability will be covered.


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As far as Climate essays are concerned they are mainly interested in the accumulation of meteorological elements over long periods of time. This includes the analysis of various statistics, importance of geographic location and terrain and climate change.

Economics & Policy: Essays are interested in the relationships between global economic development and governmental policy, and the environment. Reports may analyze such relationships in depth, with considerations to climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and environmental sustainability.

Environmental Problems: Essays will usually focus on a specific environmental problem, such as air pollution, global warming, overpopulation, environmental effects of warfare, and hazardous waste, and assess the different causes of the problem, its numerous effects, and possible solutions.

Environmental Management papers are more interested in the responsibilities related to coexisting with the environment. This includes relationships between industry and government to promote environmental policies and sustainable development.

Essays on Recycling will be interested in the benefits of recycling, such as reduced energy usage and air pollution, cost-benefit analyses of its benefits, recycling processes and recyclable materials, and new developments in recycling technology.

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