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Assignment Studio team specialize in all diverse areas of Economic Studies and can complete any project on:

Economic Theory mainly covers those ideas and models that make up the framework of economics. This includes setting interest rates, government budgets and deficits, the labor market, government regulation, stabilization policies, and ways of dealing with problems like unemployment or inflation.

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Finance also come under the category of economics, it mainly deal with all aspects of money, including how money is saved and spent, budgeting, investment, and consumption. Topics under the finance section mainly include differences in personal finance, public finance, and corporate finance, business management, tax policy, credit, stock market, and financial theory.

Globalization will deal with the economic integration between countries, and the increasing globalization of the world market and industries, its development over the years. Paper may explore positive and negative effects of globalization, factors that have led to the phenomenon, and themes such as free trade, capital flows, foreign investment, and cultural effects.

Inflation essays are mainly concerned with the general rise of prices of goods and services over the years. Under the inflation topicall the positive and negative effects of inflation on an economy will be covered, inflation rates, effects on economic policy, cost-of-living adjustments, and various models in inflation theory.

Macroeconomics and Microeconomic papers will look at the economy as a whole, attempting to explain broad aggregates and patterns. This includes topics but not limited to national income, the unemployment rate, national economic growth, the business cycle, and government fiscal policy, supply-demand frameworks at individual market levels, production processes, economic efficiency, specialization, and analysis of firms and corporations.

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