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Anthropology mainly covers the area of Aboriginal studies, that is intended to gain better understanding about native, indigenous people.

African anthropology, unlike on other continents, is dominated by applied anthropology and has undergone many changes in the post-colonial periods. The importance of human issues is often stressed in essays, especially in areas of health, famine, population growth, environmental degradation, treatment of women, poverty, ethnic violence, and agricultural development.

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Asian anthropology arises out of many different traditions (folklore, ethnology, local studies) and methodologies. Issues of interest in essays include ideas of “East” and “West,” the concept of foreigners, the cultures of indigenous peoples in countries like China, Japan, and Korea, race studies, and cultural identity formation.

Australian anthropology is totally different as compare to others mainly because of its geographic position and rich colonial history. Papers related to Australian anthropology will look at relationships between Australian citizens and other tribe and nomad systems, the effects of globalization, land claims, and cultural myths.

Cultural anthropology is generally considered as a subcategory of anthropology. work is one of the most common way of studying cultural variation, with areas including: knowledge, belief systems, religion, art, legal code, customs and traditions, morals, and various other cultural habits.Research mainly aim on the scientific study of human culture. Field

As far as economic anthropology papers are concerned it is mainly associated with human economic behavior using various methods from both economics and anthropology.

The history and culture of the people living in and around Egypt can be analyzed through Egyptian anthropology. A variety of cultural artifacts in this area has lead to significant advances in the study of ancient Egyptian history, its language, overall literature and culture.

European continent can be explored through European anthropology;the continent has a diverse population, nations, and histories. Some themes include cultural variation, immigrant populations, art, religion, and linguistics, focusing on both ancient and historical European populations.

Writing papers about Middle Eastern anthropology it mainly focus on cultural-socio-political issues in its contemporary and ancient Middle Eastern societies, focusing on Arabic-speaking populations and relationships between politics, religion and culture.

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